Monday, June 28, 2010

Gâteau St. Honoré

Gâteau St. Honoré named for the patron saint of the bakers and pastry chefs [1]. A round puff pastry base with a choux pastry border and choux buns on the border. The centre of the gâteau and choux buns are filled with créme diplomat. Finished of with a decor of sugar floss. I would say this is one of the gâteau with the most cream trailing behind its counterpart - the Paris Brest.

I still remember eating this in Paris and was stuffed after a slice.. it was that rich and creamy, but very tasty. Very classic combo of pastry and cream. Easily varied with the use of other creams and fillings. It can be made to look as elegant as a celebration cake or as simple as a snack for tea. Special occasion or not, it is definitely a great dessert to have when having a gathering with friends and family.

Below is a side and top view of the gâteau - just trying out to styles of posting here, hope readers will appreciate the effort :)

[1] St. Honoré cake,

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  1. Much appreciated! (the effort)

    Would appreciate it much more if THAT was in my mouth though.

    Oh well, can't have it allllll :P x