Thursday, June 24, 2010

Log 1: Macaron

 My good friend MW bought me a recipe book by Hisako Ogita called "i ♥ macaron". A wonderful book describing in detail the process of making macaron - from the shell to the filling (and even some recipes for the leftover egg yolks). MW warned me that it is definitely harder than it was shown in the book.. and it was! Lol~I just got to try it!

I have documented the outcome and findings below..

Test: Macaron shell (1)

Result: The macaron shell was hard after baking with the top nearly burnt. The shell did have pied, so that's good. However the mixture was a bit too liquid.

Conclusion: I think it is alright for a first trial. The reasons for the faults were most probably due to:

 - Hard shell and nearly burnt = oven too hot
 - mixture too liquid = I suspect that the meringue was not stiff enough

Making the meringue was never my strength - always underbeating the meringue. Just afraid of overbeating I suppose.. The oven temperature stated in the book was used, so that will need to be tweaked for the next go. Now will to find a use for the macaron shells.. which I think can be used for decorating cakes and mousse since it is quite crunchy.

Definitely need to try again and work on "perfecting" the technique!


  1. Yayy i'm in your first post! I really wanna restart my blog again but not much time to do so since my internship starts next week! :(

    I've yet to try the recipe from that book as the one I've tried before was from the Le Cordon Bleu recipe. Macaron is so hard to tame! Anyways all the best and keep in touch :)


  2. Looks like a great book. I'll have to check it out. Good luck in intermediate. Can't wait to see your creations!

  3. Shelly: Thanks! I think the book is interesting to have a look at - a little guide to making macarons I guess.

  4. matt! i wanted to buy that macaron book, saw it in the eurostar boarding area in gare du nord. love the blog, keep documenting your days!

    oh btw ignore my blog link there. its way outdated