Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Log 2: Macaron

Test: Macaron shell (2)

47 g Ground almonds
83 g Powdered sugar
50 g Egg whites
36 g Granulated sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

* added another 40 g of powdered sugar to increase viscosity of batter

 - oil stains on the shell => definitely due to the use of non-fresh nuts for the cookie which also leads to the release of oil during mixing making the batter less viscous

 - the pied is slightly overflowing out (for most of the shells) => I believe this might be due to leaving it out for too long for the shell to form while resting

 - there is an air-pocket within the shell (which makes it hollow inside) => might be due to the addition of the extra powdered sugar + over mixing + oil from old almonds

 - the shell is not hard and burnt like the previous trail => tweaked the oven to 130C instead and baked for ~12 mins

Some of the previous mistakes have been tackled, but there are still more faults that needs tweaking for the next go. It does shows that using non-fresh nuts will really ruin the outcome. Almond is not the only option for making the cookie, as Shelly pointed out with her use of pecan for her Pecan macarons with peach jam filling.

The outcome of this practice might not be the result I am looking for, but having experienced the mistakes hopefully it will give me a better understand in overcoming them in the future. "Never give up when up against a challenge" is why I will practice my making macaron shells until they are "perfect"! (`-´)>

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