Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sunny with a light breeze is just how a great day should always start. Today was just one of those typical British summer days.. and it FEELS like it is summer finally. If it was a month back, it would have still been chilly. Anyway..

Today was the orientation for my patisserie course and it felt like first day of uni all over again. Registration, meeting people and getting a tour around the place.. the usual stuff. The day was suppose to be for new students who are attending basic courses in both patisserie and cuisine, as well as for people like myself who changed branch. I happened to meet two people who were from a different branch and going to be doing the superior course. Yes, SUPERIOR. Sound intimidating doesn't it? Sugar and chocolate show pieces will be the two main focuses of their course. To anyone who has done any pulled-sugar work, this is hardcore stuff - stuff that is going to get burns and blisters on your hand, stuff that takes years of practice to perfect, and stuff that you will need to do to get a MOF [1]. So ya~ I really respect them for what they are about to do. They are going to have more practical classes than normal, so there will less theory as a trade-off. Definitely need to ask them to teach me some of the sugar pulling and chocolate art show piece techniques!

[1] MOF = Meilleur Ouvrier de France - a title granted to the best craftsman who has won the MOF competition. This is considered as the Olympics of the patisserie world. The best patissiers around the world who are aspired to achieve this title have to go through a grueling 3 day competition demonstrating their techniques and skills under close supervision of the judges. The title literally translates to "One of the Best Craftsmen in France". A prestigious title indeed.. 

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