Saturday, July 10, 2010

Food Hunt [3]

Maison Blanc
Location: 303 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QH

Raymond Blanc, owner of Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons and Maison Blanc, is one of the more respectable chefs in London who hosted the BBC show "Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secret". I remember watching this show with my mom during one of the winter nights, and we would count how many "Voil√†" he will say during the show.. and he does says it a lot! Whether it is in front/end of a sentence or on its own, he always finds a way to corporate it into his speech. 

A chain of Maison Blanc boulangeries and patisseries can be found in London and rest of UK. The one that my friends and I visited is located along Fulham Road (where you can also find Demarquette - a artisan chocolate shop). 

Once you enter the premises, the first thing you will notice is the display shelf showcasing the different varieties of patisseries which will have you spellbound within seconds. Next is the quaintly decorated interior which was quite warm and welcoming - it is just something Raymond Blanc would like to have I imagine with his French background. Another feature is the outdoor seating at the back of the store which is lightly shadowed by trees planted in the neighborhood - a very nice place to have a piece of pastry along with a cup of tea while enjoying a book peacefully..

We ordered a beverage each and a pastry to share. The coffees and hot chocolate were decent and we're not complaining. St Michel Aux Fruits Rouges was the name of the pastry and it look delicious (so does his other pastries!). As pastry students, we did what we have to do and dissected the pastry into bits. Analyzing every element and taking photos at every possible angle to capture all there is to this little pastry.

The overall pastry was light and had a summer feel to it. the base is lined with a thin layer of sable (biscuit) base and a slice of joconde (almond sponge) wrapped around the bottom half of the pastry. A mix fruit compote filled the centre while the framage blanc holds the components in place. A light dash of the berry puree topped with fresh blueberry and a stick of white chocolate for the finishing touch. A well combination of simple ingredients gave rise to this delicate and delicious pastry. Definitely something that can be produced at home with some small mousse ring molds and some nice fresh berries.


  1. Mhm, that looks amazing. I do miss London, but life was rather.. expensive :)

    (I was embarrassed to mention that I used fat free cream cheese for the silly Japanese Cheesecake, which might have also contributed to my failure but it'll definitely be attempted again!)

  2. What a perfect place to read a book and enjoy a good hot drink and mini cake :)

    All that I can find here is Starbucks :( Makes me wanna open a little 'Sculpting in Time' (Beijing) of my own!

  3. Esther: I agree.. Life in London is quite expansive.. Oh~ if using fat free than need to reduce the water/liquid content in the recipe to balance the decrease in fat content.

    Elisa: Ohh.. that is a nice name 'Sculpting in Time'..