Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Food Hunt [4]

Location: 26 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2LD 

It was one of the hottest day in London and we went to a waffle house. That's the story :P 

Well, I have came across this waffle house from ads in newsletter emails so just of giving a good as it looks decent from the website. I gathered two of my foodie schoolmates and went to have a try at this waffle house (who supposedly have been in UK for 11 years now). It is located adjacent to the South Kensington tube station, which I have been traveling back and forth through that station for four years now and I have not once noticed it was there. Lol..

Thought it would be an air-conditioned cafe of some sorted turned out to be one of those order-at-the-counter waffle shops with a few chairs and tables outside the premises - it was a small shop.. minus points there.

With high expectation of receiving good crispy waffles, I ordered one topped with a strawberry ice cream and dark chocolate sauce, while my friends ordered one with chocolate ice cream and one walnut ice cream. 

Hm.. my verdict is that the waffle was not crispy at all on the exterior, which was rather disappointing. However, I have to say that the ice cream was good (even though mine was a bit sweet) - the flavours of each ice cream was accentuated by the heavy crème anglaise (English cream) used, which was not overpowering the individual flavours. Fans of walnut would love the walnut ice cream as it is filled with walnut chunks and the cream itself is full of nut flavour. As for the chocolate ice cream, which was the best out of the three we had, has only a hint of sweetness and is full of cocoa flavour in every bite. 

Overall, I might go back for the ice cream.. but most probably not for the waffle (even though it is a waffle house) unless they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!


  1. I think the one at SK just opened this may~ :P
    I've always wanted to try it but seems like the waffle doesnt taste that good :(

    there's like a creperie two doors down, please do a report on that :D

  2. Ohh~ do you mean the crepe place next to Oriental Canteen? That one if quite good :) I have tried it a few times and it is quite consistent - both their sweet and savory ones are not bad :)

  3. Hahaha.... Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.... Matt... Lol.
    Wow, i wish i would try that out... then even if you order, can you order separately like ice-cream only???

  4. Siong Loong: Yaaa~ You can! You can just get the ice cream in a cup :)

  5. Hi Matthew,

    I am the Wafflemeister founder and firstly like to thank you for blogging about us. I was very happy to hear that you enjoyed our all natural gelato flavours but was disappointed to learn that you thought are waffles were not crispy enough ;(. As you may guess we take great pride in all our products and like to get it right every time. As you may have noticed we bake our waffles fresh throught-ou the day from all natural hand made dough pieces. Normally, once the waffle is baked it needs to sit on the waffle iron to cool down and by doing so the texture becomes crispier. If this was not the case then please ask for the Wafflemeister who is working in the store next time to do so or if you like it even crispier ask for your waffle to be baked slightly longer. I would love personally challenge you to come back so that we can it 100% right - on the house. I am very passionate about our waffles and strongly believe they are the best in the world. Just shoot me an email to arrange a time. ( - Btw- the store in South Kensington had only opened in late June but we have been selling waffles in the UK since 1999.

  6. Wafflemeister: Thank you for your comment! I have sent you an email to discuss my next visit! :D