Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Hunt [5]

Flat White
Location: 17 Berwick Street London W1F 0PT

In the aim of searching for a cup of good coffee, I set off to Soho to look for a coffee house featured on one of Financial Times's articles. It was hidden within one of the lanes in that area bringing a "back-street" cafe feel to anyone who has been there.

The place is run by a couple from Australia I believe.. (I am only guessing at the moment :P), where flat white was originated. For those who are not familiar with this beverage, it is a cross between a cup of cappuccino and latte - much less foam than a cappuccino (sometimes no foam at all), but with nearly same amount of milk in a latte.

It was a small cafe - lit with dimmed lighting, quite homely setting with wall-benches and tables. A small variety of rustic-looking pastries were displayed at the counter and some sandwiches listed on a blackboard behind were available to anyone wanting a quick snack with their beverage.

Since the place is named "flat white", you know you have to order a cup of flat white and see if the barista is skilled and if it lives up to the store's name. It has been two weeks now since I drank that cup of coffee, but I can still vaguely remember the slight tropical aftertaste of the beans that lingered after ever sip. You know it is a good cup of a coffee when there is no horrible bitter aftertaste - created from prolonged extraction of the coffee from the machine. This is a sign that the barista knows his/her beans and how long it takes to extract all the goodness from the grounded beans.

I would recommend this place to anyone who happens to be around that area - which to my surprise, has many promising-looking cafes/restaurants around the corner. Will be back with more post later on for that area, but for now I will leave you with a pic of the coffee art from the cafe flat white.

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  1. I don't wanna see no coffeee!!! MORE MORE CUPCAKES! MORE MORE BREAD! MORE MORE PASTRY!!!!

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