Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ohh yesss.. one of favorite cakes is the Opera - a symphony produced by layers of almond sponge, coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. Simple concepts combined together to form a complex and sophisticated piece of art. I still remember the best Opera I tried was made by the chef in Paris school.. it was freshly made and so the cream together with the ganache were still soft, enhancing the overall flavour. So goooooodd..

This is the one I made during practical.. had a bit of difficulty with the butter cream since it was hot that day - was getting soft too quickly while working on it, but still managed to produce a decent finish with the help of the fridge and some quick hands.

Hm.. I have tried Masison Blanc's opera cake, bought from Waitrose. It was not bad I have to say - the taste is there, not too heavy and it looks alright.

Opera by Maison Blanc

Has anyone tried any really good slice of opera around London??


  1. Is the second picture what you made? xx

  2. Elisa: Nop~ that's what I bought from Waitrose :)

  3. Your cake looks gorgeous! I keep trying to get up the nerve to make Opera.