Monday, September 6, 2010

So far..

I truly apologise for my absence these few weeks, was much involved in getting ready for the exam which went alright I guess. The course has finally ended, and now the real thing starts now - as one might say "This is where the rubber meets the road!". The next thing is to get myself sorted.. get my visa done and find a job! Will probably take a break first before I get something permanent..

For this post.. I will post some pics of what I have been up to lately in the course. Hope you will enjoy it :)

Entremet aux Marrons / Chestnut Mousse Encased in Sponge
Gateau Sabrina / Contemporary Gateau of Concentric Circles of Sponge and Strawberry Cream with Marzipan and Chocolate Finish (this was the cake that I got picked for the exam.. the one that I practiced the least!)
Pories au Caramel Religieuses / Pears in Caramel, Layered with Chocolate Sponge & Chocoalte Mousse
Entremet au Chocolate Blanc et Pistache avec sa Gelee aux Fruits Rouges / White Chocolate & Pistachio Entremet with a Red Fruit Jelly Centre (I screwed up the glazing on the top.. was experimenting some effects and it didn't go as I thought it would :P)
Superior patisserie tea party!
Assortment of truffles
My chocolate centre piece :)
Chocolate fondant
Tart tartine
Creme brulee tart
Exotic fruit mousse
Pudding souffle
Hot souffle
Celebration Cake decoration class

10 weeks passed by really quickly.. I do have to say that I did learn a lot this past 3 months - whether it is in or out of school. Pushed myself to the limit? I hope I did. Still loads to learn and a long way from getting enough experience to open my own store..

Another chapter is ending.. looking forward to the next chapter!