Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally a new post!

Yes.. I've finally clicked on my blog link and decided to blog again after months of procrastination! The blog has collected enough dust for the past four months or so - it does take some efforts to keep a blog neat and tidy, I realised.

My dad had encouraged me countless times to keep an up-to-date entry of my culinary life on the blog, like a diary. No matter the article being big or small, it is still an entry and a reminder of what happened in ones life. 

"Don't try! Just do it! Don't worry if it is just a short paragraph.. it is still an update!"

And.. he is right. Again. Just like many other things he and mom had said and taught me in the past. I love them both.. this post will be dedicated to them for their unwavering support towards my decision to be a chef. 

Words just can't explain how much this means to me.. I guess I will just have to do that with my food ;-) Thanks mom & dad!