Saturday, March 12, 2011


Since the starting of all this cooking business.. I have always fancied the design side of things, wanting to decorate food like the masters out there. Nearly every moment that I am not thinking about something else, my mind sets off into musing about the next cake/pastry design and combination that I can experiment with.

Here is a strawberry mousse chocolate tart that I made the other day.. the flavour of the strawberry mousse was just too weak, and was overwhelmed by the rich chocolate tart. I loved the idea of lining the strawberries like that, but I found it a bit difficult to cut after.. The strawberry mousse was done separately and placed on top of the tart after it was set - this results in the mousse not being stuck to the tart and easy drops when it is cut into slices. Definitely need to work on that..

Overall, the decor worked nicely but the flavour profile still needs a lot of work. Hm.. will need to get better strawberries next time as well!

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